The famous detective ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is one of the most renowned characters in fiction, loved and adored by millions. Sherlock Holmes novels are synonymous with intriguing investigations and mysterious circumstances guaranteeing the readers a thrilling ride till the main culprit is not identified. ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Vol 2’ is a set of 2 enthralling stories ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ and ‘The Naval Treaty’ that has all the elements to evoke emotion, conclusions and speculations in high doses. Arthur Conan Doyle, the author is responsible for making Sherlock Holmes a legendary character.Feel free to visit their website at teen fiction books for more details.

‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ is about the ruler of Bohemia who is engaged to a Scandinavian princess, and who fears that his reputation may be damaged by an opera singer with whom he had a relationship. The opera singer whose name is Irene Adler who possesses some love letters and a photo of the two of them is all set to expose the king and ruin his future. The king of Bohemia seeks Holmes’ help to retrieve the love letters and photo. Holmes disguises himself to lay his hands on the possessions but Irene outsmarts him. This novel does not have any crime or murder scenes. It describes about a woman defeating the famous detective and is very popular amongst the readers.

‘The Naval Treaty’ is a story about a former colleague of Watson, Percy ‘Tadpole’ Phelps whose career is at stake due to the loss of a treaty between England and Italy that was under his custody. The treaty was stolen when Phelps went to check on the cause of delay in the coffee that he had ordered. This case is an interesting one for Holmes as he observes things overlooked by others. The story weaves through several twists and turns before Holmes finally solves the case. This story speaks of the Victorian era and provides some interesting insights of that era.

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